Monday, March 5, 2007

Dear Friends, Family, Neighbors & Fellow Wichitans , March 2007

My background is similar to many of yours — a concerned parent, grandparent and taxpayer.

My goal is to improve and preserve public education. To accomplish this goal, we must examine current policy; determine its merit; keep what works and discard what doesn’t; solicit innovative ideas; search out programs with proven success to try here; and make the tough choices that promote accountability and responsibility in the system and the families it serves.

As a member of the local school board, I will work toward the following:

· Closing the achievement gap beginning at the elementary level and following with continued efforts through high school.
· Directing more dollars to the classroom and into the hands of teachers.
· More autonomy for teachers to teach their students the wide array of subject matter and core knowledge. Free teachers from having to spend so much time “teaching to the test.”
· Explore better methods for teaching reading successfully for all students.
· Ending forced busing, strengthening the district magnet program and building at least one new school in the AAA area to enable more students to attend school in their own neighborhoods.
· Uniformity, transparency and accountability in budgeting and spending.
· Intervention at the elementary level before small problems grow to large problems.

I hope I can count on your vote and your help for the next four years. This campaign is an expensive undertaking. Every contribution—even small ones—will be greatly appreciated. I also need help getting the word out about my candidacy and I need volunteers to help put up signs.

With sincere appreciation,
Cindy Duckett